Lash Extentions

Lash Extentions

Get the Lashes of Your Dreams Today at Laker Babe Cave!


Swamped with papers and can’t get off campus to get that perfect tan? No problem. We’ve got you covered. We offer spray tans at our location at Grand Valley State University, as well as through our mobile services for your convenience. Don’t travel far or get an expensive tan that’ll harm your skin!

Contact us for more information on our spray tan services and pricing in Allendale, MI.

What to expect:

Congrats on your brilliant decision to pamper yourself with some fabulous eyelash extensions! We want to make this process as easy, straightforward, and incredible as possible! Here is what to expect for your initial appointment:
Before you arrive for, please consider the following:

  • Dress comfortably! You will be in a reclining position anywhere from 2-3 hours so sweats are totally encouraged. Jeans? Not so much.
  • Shower before your appointment. You will not be able to get your new lashes wet for the first 24 hours, so plan accordingly!
  • Arriving without any eye makeup is a must! Extensions will not adhere to dirty lashes. However, if you are unable to remove your makeup prior to your appointment-we got you covered! Makeup wipes and removers are available upon request.
  • Bring something to listen to! We provide wireless headphones for all our appointments so you can catch up on your latest eBook, podcast, or just relax to your favorite tunes. General music stations are provided if you do not wish to bring your own device.

When you get here...

Upon your arrival, of course we have to get some logistics taken care of! If possible, please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled time for paperwork. You will then have an in-depth consult with your certified lash stylist regarding questions, concerns, desired look, etc.

After your consultation, the fun begins! Recline while our certified lash stylist transforms your lashes. In order for the easiest application it is important that you are still and relaxed! Naps are encouraged. You will be in this position approximately 2-3 hours.

Your full set also includes an express facial or a mini makeover. The facial takes place before the lash application, while the makeover happens after. After the extension process is complete, brace yourself! You will open your eyes and your life will be changed forever! Your stylist will then cover proper aftercare as well as cover the contents of your lash “swag bag”.